10 best potato recipes that will make you realize why aloo is the best!

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Potatoes are a staple ingredient consumed in a variety of dishes around the world. In fact, potatoes are the fourth most consumed crop in the world, after rice, wheat and corn. Potatoes are known as “Alu Gadde” in Kannada, “Aloo” in Hindi, “Batata” in Marathi, “Urulai Kizhangu” in Tamil, “Gol Alu” in Bengali and so on. They can be prepared in dozens of ways.

This starchy vegetable is a good source of vitamins C and B6, manganese, phosphorus, niacin and pantothenic acid. Compared to most other vegetables, potatoes store fantastically. With the right storage techniques, potatoes can last for months.

They have many other uses outside the kitchen. In fact, they are a staple in big industries. Potato starch is used extensively by textile, wood, paper, pharmaceutical and oil drilling firms as a binder, adhesive, texture agent, and filler.

The health benefits include their ability to improve digestion, reduce cholesterol levels, boost heart health, protect from polyps, prevent cancer, strengthen the immune system, reduce signs of aging, protect the skin, increase circulation, reduce blood pressure, maintain fluid balance, reduce insomnia, and aid in eye care.

Types of potatoes:
Russet – Russets (Burbank) also known as Idaho potatoes are large in size. They are the best for mashing, baking, and frying.
Fingerling – These are finger-shaped and small and stubby.
Red – These round, small, red thin-skinned potatoes have a waxy flesh.They have thin yet vibrant red skins.
White – They make a great addition to salads as they have a thin golden colored skin, with a yellow or white flesh that is waxy in texture.
Purple – They have moist and firm flesh and add a vibrant color to salads.

Nutritional value:
Vitamin Content: Typically, a 100 gm serving will contain about 17 mg of vitamin C.
Water Content: Potatoes may look huge, but water accounts for about 70-80 percent of their weight.
Starch Content: Potatoes contain about 17% starch and they are one of the best natural sources of starch.

Interesting facts
– On an average, each human eats about 33 kilograms of potatoes in a year.
– Way back in 1995, potato became the first vegetable to be grown in space.
– The world’s biggest potato weighed about 3.8 kilos.
– China is the leading producer of potatoes in the world.
– Potato consumption around the world grew from 30 million tonnes in the 1960s to 165 million tonnes in 2000s.
– Potatoes are the world’s fourth food staple – after wheat, corn and rice.
– Potatoes are totally gluten-free.

Any other uses of potatoes?
Remove rust: Clean rust off of your household appliances by using a cut-up potato.
Depuff your eyes: Thinly slice a cold, raw potato and lay the slices on your eyes for 10-15 minutes.
Shine your shoes: Rub your shoes with a raw potato before you apply the polish.
Absorbs excess salt from food: Throw in a few chunks of raw, peeled potato and allow them to sit for 10-15 minutes.

How to buy potatoes:
– Squeeze potatoes for firmness
– Smell potatoes before buying them
– Check for cuts and blemishes
– Buy sprouting potatoes only if you’re going to eat them immediately.
– Don’t buy wrinkled potatoes.
– Avoid potatoes with green skin.
– Don’t buy potatoes with darks spots

How to store potatoes to keep them fresh:
– Store potatoes in a dark, dry place.
– Keep the temperature cool.
– Check your potatoes periodically for signs of spoilage.
– Cure your potatoes for long-term storage.

Tips to cook perfect potatoes:
– Wash the potatoes just before cooking them.
– Use a small quantity of water for boiling.
– They should be scrubbed under cold running water, and any deep bruises should be removed with a paring knife.
– Cleaned and cut potatoes should not be exposed to air to avoid discoloration.

Honey Chilli Potatoes Recipe

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This crunchy recipe is prepared by deep frying potatoes coated in honey, chilli sauce, vinegar and garlic.

Aloo Samosa Recipe

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Aloo Samosa is an ultimate street food. It is one of the most preferred Indian snack made with potatoes, all purpose flour, raisins, cashews and melange of spices.

French Fries Recipe

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Dump it all on the table and dig in. These crunchy delights can be served with numerous dips.

Aloo Pakora Recipe

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This pakora recipe is best enjoyed when paired with a piping hot cup of masala tea.

Aloo Paratha Recipe

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Made with the goodness of potatoes, onion, green chilli, coriander leaves, all purpose flour and a melange of spices, this paratha is an apt breakfast recipe.

Mashed Potatoes Recipe

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These buttery, delicious, creamy mashed potatoes will steal the show at any dinner.

Aloo Tikki Recipe

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This lip smacking dish is made with potatoes, bread crumbs, corn flour, coriander leaves, mint leaves and a melange of spices. These scrumptious tikkis can be enjoyed along with any chutney of your choice.

Aloo Chaat Recipe

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An amazingly tasty and satisfying dish that is made with potatoes, chaat masala, tamarind chutney, green chutney and corainder leaves.

Stuffed Potatoes Recipe

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With a generous amount of minced chicken and plenty of potatoes, this dish is sure to be a hit at your next dinner party.

Aloo Gobhi Recipe

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Toss them in a flavor-packed Indian seasonings and your taste buds will thank you.