10 quick bread recipes that are unbelievably delicious

1. Super-easy bread recipes!

Super-easy bread recipes!

Made with the most conveniently available and versatile ingredients, these 10 recipes are not just unbelievably delicious but also quite easy-to-make. Try out.

2. Bread Boondi Chaat

Bread Boondi Chaat

Bread and boondi can be a great combination for a chaat. Try this easy-to-make chaat recipe , that is loaded with crumbled bread, garnished with loads of grated cheese and will definitely be loved by kids.

3. Paneer Potato Stuffed Bread Rolls

Paneer Potato Stuffed Bread Rolls

Filled with paneer, mashed potato and capsicum, Paneer Potato Stuffed Bread Roll is a perfect snack recipe which tastes insanely delicious when paired with a hot piping cup of tea.

4. Garlic Bread With Toppings

Garlic Bread With Toppings

Crispy garlic bread topped with pizza sauce, cheese, tomatoes, capsicum and oregano, thisGarlic Bread With Toppings makes an amazing snack recipe.

5. Bread Malpua

Bread Malpua

Bread Malpua recipe is an easy-to-make dessert recipe. It is stuffed with khoya, nuts and soaked in flavored sugar syrup. These yummy melt-in-mouth malpuas are rich in taste and can be made for any special event.

6. Brown Bread Dahi Vada

Brown Bread Dahi Vada

A very famous street food, this easy recipe is made using brown bread, yogurt and imli chutney. Try this snack recipe with evening tea and relish it’s traditional flavor.

7. Bread Upma

Bread Upma

Bread Upma is a South Indian recipe made using bread crumbs, paneer, onions and tomatoes.It is a simple yet comforting dish and can be made in minutes!

8. Bread Pizza

Bread Pizza

Bread Pizza is a quick alternative for people who don’t have time to prepare the dough. In this quick recipe, toasted bread is used as a pizza base and rest everything from toppings to seasoning is very much similar to a pizza recipe.

9. Bread Crumbs Fried Fish

Bread Crumbs Fried Fish

A delectable appetizer recipe, Bread Crumbs Fried Fish is one of the easiest Continental recipes that you can quickly prepare for your loved ones at home.

10. Sweet Bread Toast

Sweet Bread Toast

Sweet Bread Toast is an interesting easy recipe made with four main ingredients: bread slices, eggs, milk and sugar. This is an ideal quick snack recipe for your breakfast, evening tea or you can also pack it for tiffin.

11. Avocado Garlic Bread

Avocado Garlic Bread

Crusty Garlic Bread is an delicious Italian side dish made with baguette, cheese spread, avacados and garlic. Ideally served with pastas or can simply be enjoyed with garlic dip, you can try this side dish recipe for occasions like kitty parties or game nights and it’ll be loved by all.