10 seasonal foods you must have this spring to stay fit during summers

1. What’s in for spring?

What’s in for spring?

With cool breeze blowing during the night and the sun shining in the day, we know, it’s spring already. It’s that time of the year where you feel, the weather is at its best! However, spring season can pose to be a threat if you do not take care of your diet. With these seasonal changes, the human body can easily catch cold and flu because of the presence of all kinds of viruses and allergens in the atmosphere! To help you maintain good health and get a strong immunity, here is a list of 10 such foods that act as anti-allergenic.

2. Zucchini


It is a vegetable loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants that can improve your immunity level. Zucchini is quite powerful and should be your go to vegetable in spring.

3. Yoghurt


This is one of the best foods to have in summers. However, if you start having yoghurt before summers, it can really boost your immunity level.

4. Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato

A nutritious vegetable, sweet potato is rich in minerals along with vitamin A and E, and the vitamins present in it increase immunity in your body. You can just boil sweet potato and have it with a little black salt and pepper.

5. Strawberry


This beautiful looking fruit is full of vitamins and minerals, and is loaded with several nutritional values. It’s rich in vitamin C and you will be surprised to know that a single serving of strawberry can help you in boosting your immunity levels.

6. Papaya


To have a healthy immune system, it is recommended to have a bowl of papaya daily in spring season. Apart from being rich in vitamin C, it has strong antioxidants that can help you get a strong immunity. It also clears your gut of toxins.

7. Neem Leaves

Neem Leaves

One of the simple ways to prevent yourself from catching allergy, is to have fresh and new neem leaves in morning with some water. This will help you to stay fit throughout the year.

8. Moringa Flowers

Moringa Flowers

Moringa flowers are known to be effective in treating cold and in boosting immune system. You can simply make moringa flowers tea by boiling moringa flowers in water for 5-10 minutes. In traditional Indian households, moringa flowers are fried in mustard oil and made into a delicious dish. You can also make their curry or pakora.

9. Jackfruit


Known to the world as kathal or jackfruit, this food is something whose medicinal properties are unknown to many! You’ll be surprised to know that jackfruit has anti-bacterial properties and it can also increase your immunity level.

10. Drumstick


It’s the fruit of moringa tree which is used commonly in sambhar. Otherwise known as moringa pods, drumsticks can help you overcome joint pain, which is a common problem in spring season. It is also said to protect you against viral diseases like smallpox and measles.

11. Chikoo


Exceptionally sweet in taste, chikoo has several nutritional properties that will change the way you think of it! It has strong antioxidants like tannin that acts as anti-bacterial and anti-viral. Eating chikoo can help you release congestion.