100 most wanted gadgets, iPad Pro and more in the December Anniversary issue of Stuff India – out now!

And it’s available with your local newsagent or on your tablet right this very second…

by  Megha Monga Anand

03 December 2018 / 13:41IST

It’s that time of the year again

When we celebrate our existence and give you an extravaganza of gadgets you can drool over, aspire for or, if your pockets allow, just go and buy. Besides, it’s December! Just weeks away from when the fat man wearing red pants climbs down our chimneys. We’ll tell you what we want, what we really really want… the Stuff team write down the ultimate wishlist of gadgets old, new and in some cases not even out yet…


‘Eclectic’ is probably the kindest way to describe our wishlist. If you’re reading, just start with the most expensive items and see how you get on. 2018 is now no more than a ticking time bomb and while we sit on it, waiting for it to explode, our cover story with the list of 100 Most Wanted gadgets should keep you occupied. You can thank us later for rounding up the best tech of 2018, and the best tech ever…

10 years isn’t too long, but in gadget terms, it’s a lifetime. Though we haven’t given Stuff office a facelift or anything, our cover this month will surely make you wish you were 10 years younger, earned 10 times more than you currently do and your heart would be doing 10 backflips just by looking at the car that sits pretty on our 10th Anniversary special cover. With a seating position that reminds you of a warm hug from a long-lost friend, the Mercedes CLS has a more welcoming cabin than a ski-resort with a fireplace. Add the iconic coupe shape with 4-door practicality and you have a Mercedes like no other.

When Steve Jobs went up on stage and revealed the magical piece of glass back in 2010, the original iPad sent the audience into a frenzy. Eight years hence, the 2018 iPad Pro has lost more than the home button. There’s a reduction in weight, bezel width, thickness and a massive increase in desirability as a result. Find our take on it in this issue.