15 best Chinese recipes

1. Quick and easy Chinese recipes!

The most popular foreign food in India is Chinese Cuisine. All those who have grown up in the 1990s have memories around Chowmein and Chilli Potatoes that were the hot favourite of every child and teenager growing then. In fact, noodles have fast replaced several traditional food as the favourite breakfast and dinner option. India has its own version of Chinese dishes which are spicy, tangy and full of flavours. No party is complete without Spring Rolls and Chilli Paneer as snacks and restaurant menu is unimaginable without at least a few common Chinese preparations like Chicken Chilli, Noodles, Fried Rice and Dimsums. Here is a list of some amazing Indo-Chinese recipes. Try out!

2. ​Cauliflower Manchurian

Cauliflower Manchurian is a delectable appetizer recipe that can be prepared on occasions like kitty parties and pot lucks. This manchurian recipe is a twist to the traditional Chinese recipe which is cooked using cabbage, carrots and capsicums. This is a yummy appetizer recipe cooked using cauliflower, all purpose flour, corn flour starch, onions, red bell pepper, yellow bell pepper and spring onions along with soy sauce and other spices. An apt dish for party and get-togethers, you can pair it with Hakka noodles and fried rice. Try it and enjoy with your loved ones!

3. Egg Fried Rice

An easy and delicious one-pot-meal recipe, Egg Fried Rice is not just tasty but also a filling and scrumptious dish. It uses vegetables that give it a nice crunch and colour. This fried rice recipe is made using scrambled eggs. Serve it with raita and a sweet chutney and you are sure to impress your guests. If you’re fond of veggies then you can customize this recipe by adding more vegetables apart from just carrot and capsicum like baby corn, sweet corn, bell peppers and more. This rice recipe is perfect for special occasions like kitty parties, pot lucks or even family get-togethers.

4. Chicken Wontons

Crispy Fried Chicken Wontons is a delicious Chinese recipe made using minced chicken, spring onions, eggs and wonton wrappers. This snack recipe is a must try dish on birthdays and kitty parties. Try this easy recipe and impress your guests!

5. ​Chicken Hakka Noodles

Chicken Hakka Noodles is a delectable Chinese recipe prepared with chicken, prawns, eggs, mushrooms, Chinese noodles, veggies and a melange of spices. This easy-to-make and delicious dish is colourful, spicy and is a complete meal in itself. You can adjust the amount of veggies and spices according to your taste and preferences. In case, you are cooking this recipe for the kids, you can lessen the amount of spices and chillies present in it. Serve this lip-smacking and flavourful lunch recipe to your friends and family on occasions like kitty parties, birthdays and buffets. You can enjoy the noodles with Schezwan sauce or chilli sauce. Try it!

6. Veg Spring Rolls

Veg Spring Rolls is a popular Chinese recipe. Fresh vegetables as stuffing makes this roll recipe a healthy one. This easy recipe when garnished with chopped spring onions and served hot with red chilli sauce or tomato ketchup is to die for!

7. ​Chilli Paneer

Chilli Paneer is the one of the most popular appetizer recipes that people like to binge on in parties and get-togethers. It is an easy recipe that can be made in minutes at home. You can enjoy this yummy appetizer recipe as it is or it can be rolled into leftover chapatis to make mouth-watering rolls, which you can pack for your kids in lunch and they will finish it no time. You can prepare this amazing appetizer recipe on special occasions like kitty party, pot luck. Also, when you have friends coming over place for a small get-together, this is an apt dish to make! Try this amazingly delicious snack recipe!

8. Chilli Butter Garlic Noodles

Chilli Butter Garlic Noodles is a perfect Chinese meal recipe. Made with fresh noodles and the goodness of sauted vegetables like capsicum, carrot, beans and baby corn, this recipe will not only be delightful to eat but will also give your body many essential nutrients. Serve this recipe with some chili sauce to get that extra spice. Make this recipe on the weekend and invite your loved ones to enjoy the tempting flavors of this recipe with you.

9. ​Honey Chicken

Honey Chicken is an amazingly delicious Chinese recipe that can be prepared on special occasions and get-togethers. This easy recipe is cooked using chicken, lemon juice, butter and honey, and does not take much time to cook. With honey and lemon present in it, this non-vegetarian recipe has a sweet and sour taste that your friends and family would love to enjoy in parties. Enjoy it with chili garlic sauce or tomato ketchup!

10. Fried Baby Corn

Golden Fried Baby Corn defies the popular notion that there are not many options for vegetarian snacks. This quick and easy recipe is delicious and an amazing change to the regular snacks menu. You can try this sumptuous Chinese recipe prepared with baby corns and spices as an appetizer. This deep fried vegetarian snack is low on carbs and easy-to-cook. Best for occasions like game nights, pot luck, kitty parties and buffet, this exciting recipe will woo guests of all age group. You can also play around the coatings and garnishing according to your preference. Serve this delicacy with tomato ketchup or sweet chilli sauce to your loved ones.

11. ​Singapore Fried Noodles

Singapore Fried Noodles is a famous Chinese recipe. Made with chicken breasts and shrimp, this easy main course recipe is filling and can be served with Chilli Chicken to enhance the flavour.

12. ​Chilly Prawns

Chilly Prawns is a Chinese recipe made using soy sauce, white wine, prawns, cashew and corn flour. It is a crispy side dish recipe that you can try during the weekends or on special occasions. Try this easy-to-make prawn recipe.

13. ​Honey Chilli Potatoes

Honey Chilli Potatoes is a supremely popular Chinese snacks that has a huge fan following, particularly in India. It is crunchy, flavorful and awfully delicious. Made with deep fried potatoes coated with chilli sauce, honey and a mixture of garlic, vinegar, salt, pepper and chilli flakes, this Chinese recipe can be made quicky and is ideal for parties and get-togethers. It is a favourite kids recipe and no Chinese food lover can ever say no to it.

14. ​Chilli Chicken

Chilli Chicken is served both as snack and main course. It is a versatile dish loved by most desi-Chinese lovers. Want to make restaurant type Chinese recipes at home? Try out this easy recipe. It is also a popular party recipe and can be served on anniversary and birthday parties.

15. Chicken Manchurian

Chicken Manchurian is a popular starter recipe. Considered a Chinese recipe, this all time favorite chicken dish can be served with fried rice or Hakka noodles. The chopped, marinated chicken cubes minced with manchurian sauce makes it a quick recipe. Chicken Manchurian has half cooked vegetables and thick gravy which adds to its unique texture. This chicken recipe can also be served as an appetizer.

16. ​Egg Drop Soup

Egg Drop Soup is a Chinese recipe. This healthy soup is made with eggs, chicken stock, corn flour and macaroni pasta. Try this easy-to-make soup recipe.