7 Types of foodies you’ll find at Indian weddings

1. Are you one of these?

Are you one of these?

Think of Indian weddings and all you can imagine is colours, celebrations and lots of food. From Indian to continental, the wedding evening is all about a wide variety of foods and beverages available for FREE, and we Indians have a certain kind of obsession with everything free. It doesn’t matter if you are from the groom’s side or the bride’s side; as long as there’s good food, everyone is satisfied. Here, we have tried to explore the different types of foodies you can find at every Indian wedding. From big-time gobblers to sophisticated diet conscious ones, the list includes a tasteful range of foodies that we all can connect with. So, if you are one of these or know anyone who reminds you of these kind of foodies, share this with them.

2. The chaat/golgappa lovers

The chaat/golgappa lovers
This variety of foodies can be seen everywhere in life. They just can’t get enough of this savory and tangy section of Indian street food. If they find a chaat or golgappa counter at a wedding, they scream with excitement as if they have found their long lost love. Interestingly, the scene at the chaat corner is amusing with the crowd guiding the boy at the counter to serve the best.

3. The gobblers

The gobblers
This variety of people can be seen at every counter because they never leave it. They sincerely make sure to taste and comment on every dish available at the counter. They eat as if doomsday is round the corner and their capacity to eat will surely surprise you. (Image courtesy: Shutterstock)

4. The snackers

The snackers
This bunch of foodies are best at tracking the waiters and finding what they are serving. For them, the main course is too heavy to go for; they prefer to munch on only snacks over some mocktails or juices. The manchurian balls, pakodas, tikkas and rolls are their companions for the evening. (Image courtesy: Shutterstock)

5. The paneer lovers

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Then, there are people whose first and last love is ‘Paneer’. For them, dal, kofta and mix-veg are run-of-the-mill and the real hero of the menu is matar paneer or kadhai paneer. The best way to cheer-up such people is to say ‘paneer’ and a bright smile can be noticed on their face quite easily.

6. The diet conscious

The diet conscious
This might sound unbelievable, but there are people who follow their diets even when they attend weddings. The best place to spot them is the salad counter. They might be sipping juices, eating fruits or flaunting their fitness routine to others, but they choose to stay away from the heavy, fried and the yummy desi food.

7. The drink lovers

The drink lovers
At every Indian wedding, you will find a bunch of people for whom it is all about drinks and dance. The most important thing for them is the bar counter and varieties of cocktails being served. Ask them the reason for this obsession and pat comes the reply, “mere yaar ki shaadi hai.”

8. The ice cream/dessert lovers

The ice cream/dessert lovers
How can we forget the sweet dish and the dessert obsessed people? The corner counter of gulab jamun and ice cream is their real Bae. What’s more, they don’t hesitate to mix these two delicacies together and relish the unique flavour.