How to avoid common cold and flu this monsoon? 8 tips

Ways to keep common cold at bay Photo: Instagram/ The Nature Shift and themalteseguy

Ways to keep common cold at bay

Common cold, staying true to its name is one of the most common viral infections that one comes face-to-face. Whenever there is even the slightest change in weather, people tend to catch a common cold.

The fact that the common cold is contagious, does not help and if even one person catches a cold in a house, it can result in the entire family falling ill if proper measures are not taken.

But we have all heard the common saying, prevention is better than cure, so we bring you the easiest and most simple ways to keep the monsoon flu at bay.

1 Proper Sleep
A proper 8-hour long sleep is necessary for the body to have a strong immune system. The reason behind this is that during long periods of sleep, the body releases cytokines. Cytokines are a type of protein that regulates the immune system which in result helps the body to fight infections.

2 Regular Exercise
Even if your exercise is as simple as walking three times a week, it helps you in more ways than just keeping you fit. Regular exercise routine keeps chronic diseases and inflammation away. A regular workout routine is also known to reduce stress in life and helps in accelerating the circulation of white blood cells that are also known as the disease-fighting cells. Hence saving you from diseases such as a common cold.

3 Vitamin D
Deficiency of Vitamin D can result in a weak immune system which will make you more susceptible to the common cold. The best source of Vitamin D is sunlight. However, to add Vitamin D in your diet, you can eat Fatty fish like Tuna and salmon along with Cheese and egg yolks.

4 Eat Healthy
It is recommended that your diet should include all the colours of the rainbow. Yes, including all fruits and vegetables in your diet results in one consuming different vitamins in adequate amount. Eating green vegetables is always a plus point.

5 Drink Green Tea and Black Tea
Green Tea is the gold mine for antioxidants. Antioxidants are known to improve the immune system. So you know which should be your next favourite drink.

You can also add ginger in your green tea to make it healthier.

6 Maintain Good Hygiene
Viral infections such as the common cold are highly contagious, so maintaining good hygiene is necessary during the common cold season. Keep washing your hands, take regular showers and try and avoid contact with people who have the flu.

7 Add Haldi and Black Pepper to your diet
This is the nuskha that every dadi and nani swears by. Haldi is known to have the most medicinal properties. Haldi has a very strong anti-inflammatory effect and is a very strong antioxidant. So when your grandma tells you to drink that Haldi wala dudh the next time, drink it.

If you add black pepper with haldi in your diet it enhances the absorption of haldi in your body giving you a stronger immune system and keeping you flu free.

8 Avoid getting drenched in the rain
If you get drenched, it is advised to have a shower and dry yourself thoroughly to avoid getting sick and catching a cold.