Diabetic support group patients discuss about lifestyle changes

Diabetic support group patients discuss about lifestyle changes
CHANDIGARH: A diabetessupport group known as Samarthya organized a talk on Saturday.. The event comprised of a three-hour structured program with sessions on understanding diabetes and obesity, why problem is increasing rampantly, how lifestyle modification can help, what is metabolic surgery etc.

Around 100 participants including patients operated in the past attended this obesity support group talk. This event focused on stressed over eating and managing emotions to sustain weight-loss after bariatric surgery.The talk was delivered by Dr. Amit Garg, consultant, Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery, Fortis Hospital, Mohali at the hospital premises.

Obesity is an increasingly common condition in the modern era. Lack of proper exercise, irregular eating habits, an overall unhealthy lifestyle, etc., contributes to the growing obesity rates. This support group is dedicated to those of us struggling with obesity. It provides an ecosystem to interact with others who are facing the same challenges and triumphs and helps people understand the benefits of bariatric surgery and other treatment procedures to overcome the disease.

Dr B K Waraich, a psychiatrist, addressed a group of over 100 patients and shared tips for making lifestyle modifications easy, avoiding substance abuse under stress, and developing healthy attitudes, beliefs and habits to sustain durable weight-loss after Bariatric surgery.

Sonia Gandhi, head Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, shared details about diet and weight management. She shared alarming facts about the fad diets and their adverse effect on our health. She shared importance of eating balance diet.

Poonam, a choreographer shared her success story about how she got rid of all her diabetic medicines after undergoing Metabolic/ Diabetic Surgery at Fortis Mohali. She lost 32 kgs after the surgery and now leading a diabetes free and energetic life