Embracing the sustainable lifestyle

Dhiraj Kaveri

Alluding to a healthy lifestyle in a sedentary centric world is finally trending. Working out and practicing yoga for overall well-being can circumvent major health issues. Today’s generation is abreast of countless methods to stay fit physically as well as mentally.

Dhiraj Kaveri, recognised for his social awareness programme ‘Stay Active’ targets to educate, enable, empower and enlighten the society, through numerous creative activities. Endorsing bicycle riding, dance yoga and building social awareness for a sustainable living is his only motto.

Dhiraj Kaveri

‘Stay Active’ is a sinuous assembly of societies to engross and explore glitches of the environment for a better tomorrow. Connecting with corporates and gathering in government schools is a major part of promoting better quality of life. Waste segregation of lakes, encouraging healthy lifestyle, yoga and physical activities to improve overall well-being are promoted to overcome the hiccups of the society. ‘Bicycle Badhu’ is an initiative where cycles are donated or sold on a nominal amount to poorer sects of the community. A screening procedure is implemented to select appropriate candidates, ranging from gardeners, school students to caretakers.

Considering blood donation as a social responsibility, Dhiraj says, “I had a target of donating blood 50 times by the time I turn 50. And I had productively donated 50 times before turning 37, which is a breakthrough. With the help of Aarohi blood bank, I help raise awareness about rare diseases where kids require blood transfusion every 15-20 days.”

Further, he emphasises on the benefits of yoga. “Yoga is considered to be sacred; it is a union of the mind and the body. One can witness sensations and wonders through asanas. It teaches us to live in the present, with subtle movements to improve the alignment. It starts with individual’s well-being to connecting physically and mentally with external family and world.”

Dance and musical yoga is innovative, the trajectory of blending music and yoga makes it all the more enthralling. “Children are mostly diverged, I try and implement new ideas to keep them grooving. Starting with indoor yoga, it improves their concentration levels and flexibility for an overall balance resulting in better memory. Then comes outdoor yoga, cycling and walking to feel energised and form interconnectedness with the society. As kids are always glued to gadgets, bicycle riding should be promoted in schools and communities to increase consistent usage to improve physical activity,” concludes Dhiraj.