Energy Drinks May Be Harmful To Health, Says Survey; Try These Natural Alternatives Instead

Energy Drinks May Be Harmful To Health, Says Survey; Try These Natural Alternatives Instead

University of Waterloo survey shows dangerous effects of energy drinks.
The survey was conducted among over 2000 youngsters.
There are foods that can naturally boost energy levels of the body.
Energy drinks are widely consumed by young people all over the world, but there may be dangerous side effects of the caffeinated drinks that a majority are unaware about. A recent survey conducted by University of Waterloo in Ontario Canada, over half of Canadian youth and young adults who consumed energy drinks have experienced negative health effects, as a result of them. The negative health effects of energy drinks, as reported by the survey, include rapid heartbeats, difficulty in sleeping, headaches, nausea/vomiting/diarrhea, chest pain and in very rare cases (just 0.2% of those surveyed) seizures.
The incidence of elevated heartbeat and sleeping disorder was the maximum. Talking about the interpretation of the survey, Professor David Hammond of the School of Public Health at the University of Waterloo said, “More than half of youth and young adults who had consumed energy drinks reported adverse outcomes, some serious enough to warrant seeking medical help.” He added,” The adverse outcomes were consistent with the physiological effects of caffeine but were significantly more prevalent than with other sources of caffeine such as coffee, consistent with data from national adverse event databases.”

There are some natural alternatives to these energy drinks which are safer and hence can help you stay away from risks of the above mentioned disorders. Given below are some healthier substitutes for energy drinks that you can drink, to give your body a boost:

1. Lemon water

Plain old water is the best way to rev up your metabolism naturally and make you feel energized. Nothing can be the habit of drinking adequate amount of water consumed at the right time throughout the day. Add some lemon to your water to amp up the electrolytes in it.

2. Fresh Fruits

There’s a lot of reason to reach out to that apple a day- fiber, natural sugar and essential vitamins and minerals. If you’re on a diet, consult a diet expert to help you pick the right fruit to fit your calorie intake plan.

3. Nuts
The healthiest and most nutritious snacking option out there, nuts like almonds and walnuts don’t just fill you up, but also give you the much-needed energy boost. Don’t have too much of them though. Too many nuts can be fattening.

4. Protein-Rich foods

Protein trumps glucose, when it comes to supplying your body with energy. Protein stimulates the cells that keep us awake and alert. Reach out for lean sources of protein like salmon, eggs whites, etc.

5. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is a mood booster and a great source of flavonoids, which are capable of boosting energy. Chocolate milk is even recommended as one of the best drinks to recover from an intense workout.

Other than these foods, following a healthy lifestyle and a disciplined routine is also very important to maintain optimum levels of body energy. A clean diet and a good night’s sleep also go a long way in enlivening your body and helping it perform well throughout the day.