Food is up to 32% more expensive on Uber Eats and Mr D than in-store – and that’s before delivery fees

Ordering take-out food through Uber Eats and Mr D food can be up to 32% more expensive than buying it in-store – and that’s not counting the  R10 and R15 delivery fee they charge respectively.

Business Insider South Africa compared the in-store prices of fast food at various outlets to the prices listed on the Uber Eats and Mr D services for Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Every outlet except Wimpy charged more on Uber Eats and Mr D than they do in store.

Some outlets offer their own free delivery services – at the prices on their in-store menu.

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In Cape town pizzeria Col’Cacchio charged a premium of R18 – or 24% – for using Uber Eats and Mr D, the biggest price difference recorded in the city.

A Spur burger cost just under 10% more via the online delivery services than it would if you sat down at one of its restaurants.

But in Johannesburg we found that you pay 32% extra for a Spur burger combo via Uber Eats and Mr D.

Uber Eats and Mr D food prices compared to in-store prices in Cape Town: 

Both Uber Eats and Mr D say restaurants set their own prices on the platforms.

Mr D’s Rae-Lynn Fletcher said despite food outlets being encouraged to charge the same as they do in stores, some restaurants insist on higher  prices on items meant for delivery.

“We’ll keep doing our best to convince them to maintain a level playing field,” Fletcher told Business Insider South Africa.

Uber Eats said it provides a clear transparent breakdown of all costs before someone places an order.

Prices are set by the food outlets themselves and Uber therefore has no control over it, said Samantha Fuller, Uber Sub Saharan Africa spokesperson.

Uber Eats and Mr D food prices compared to in-store prices in Johannesburg: