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There are many ways to secure your commercial property and the assets which are within. A security system is one such way, so is sufficient internal and external lighting. A fence is another level of protection to stop unauthorized access as is a gate with controls to open it to welcomed individuals and close it to those who don’t belong on the property. All of these add extra levels of security and peace to you, but not ease of access. This is where overhead doors come into play.

Yes, we’re talking about garage doors, but it’s much more when it comes to commercial properties. The width of an overhead door can be so enormous it allows an 18-wheeler to enter and park. It can be made with the strongest material to stop unauthorized personnel from breaking it open. Or, it can be small enough for a passenger vehicle or a few individuals. As you can see, there are a number of options available. The questions is, which one is right for you?

There are many items to consider. One is the company to deal with. Some Jacksonville companies, like George P. Coyle & Sons, have been in the industry for almost a century. The reason for this is they keep up with the times to understand what’s needed. Therefore, these long-running companies may be the ones you want to look at first.

When you do, see what options they have for overhead doors. Check to see if they have doors made from a variety of materials like steel, wood, and aluminum and if they have options for fire-resistance, puncture-resistance, and insulation to maintain temperatures when the doors or closed. Also look at the type of opening options. Do they have radio control or photo eyes for activation at a distance? Or, do they have pull switches for manual operation? In Jacksonville, you want an overhead door which is water- and heat-resistant.

Of course, the cost is a big factor as well. While the style, strength, and ease of access are important, they need to equal the cost of the door and installation. Therefore, do your homework on overhead door businesses in the area prior to any decision you wish to make. When it’s right, the peace of security will overcome you.

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