Here’s How to Make 2018’s Most-Googled Food

Lisa Frank Unicorn Cake from *Unicorn Food: Beautiful Plant-Based Recipes to Nurture Your Inner Magical Beast* by Kat Odell

Lisa Frank Unicorn Cake from Unicorn Food: Beautiful Plant-Based Recipes to Nurture Your Inner Magical Beast by Kat Odell

2018 has been a year of intriguing culinary trends, from ancientbrews to artsy health foods and chickpeas, chickpeas, chickpeas. But when it really came down to it, what dish were people the most curious (or outright confused) about? What bit of fare propelled us to the internet in droves, demanding imagery, testimonials, or a recipe? The answer is . . . unicorn cake. Yes, the much-maligned unicorn food trend of 2017 reared its rainbow head yet again this year as the #1 most-googled food.

But why? And also, what exactly is “unicorn cake”? What did people have in mind as they embarked on their search? The answers to these questions may have something to do with each other. It’s been a taxing twelve months for all manner of human society, from political junkies to pop-culture acolytes. Anyone would be forgiven for needing a rest from the fracas, and shifting gears to a more pleasurable endeavor; namely, tracking down the silliest, most beautiful baked good that the interwebs have to offer, whatever the gastrointestinal cost. There’s an opportunity with unicorn cake—a made-up dessert if there ever was one—to lose yourself in creative indulgence, and who couldn’t do with a bit of that?

Here, Unicorn Food author Kat Odell’s version of the unicorn cake—a fabulously colorful (and entirely plant-based!) experiment that she’s named for the unrivaled queen of all things unicorn: Lisa Frank. Whip it up, and give your friends the answer to their most-searched query.