Include reds and greens in your diet and lifestyle this holiday season

Include reds and greens in your diet and lifestyle this holiday season | Photo by NordWood Themes on Unsplash

New Delhi: From the Trumps to your neighbour next door – almost everyone who celebrated Christmas and will celebrate New Year, they are doing it in shades of greens and reds. From the garb of the Santa Claus to the red berries, green of mistletoe, and the green Christmas trees almost everything is smeared with this duo colour during this time of the year. The colours and vibe of the Christmas celebrations continue into the New Year. The beauty of nature combined with the cultural history of Christmas has led to this duo colours being defined as an important part of the celebration.

While these colours are aesthetically pleasing and lend the feel of celebration, this season it isn’t just about decorating green and red but also including it in our lifestyle as well. As our food habits and lifestyle remain challenged, the right greens and reds from nature can connect us to a healthy and fit lifestyle.

The science of red and greens

Colours have always imparted a sense of wellness for us. While red extends strength, warmth, love, excitement, and power, the colour green is best known for nature, harmony, balance, growth, restoration, and rest. Both the colours cast a positive vibe and energize us for a more contented and peaceful life. Including the colours in our diet, lifestyle choices and surroundings help us lead a peaceful and balanced life. Therefore, this season if you have just thought of decorating the house with these colours, its time to also include more green plants in the house, red fruits in the diet and move towards a healthy and fulfilling life.

Reds and greens in our food

Undoubtedly, colours denote a lot of vitamins and minerals in our food. Eating servings of food with a variety of colours bring in nutrition, protects against ageing, decreases the risk of cancer and of course lends the goodness of health. Red/Green fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, beetroot, leafy greens, asparagus, broccoli, apples, strawberries, kiwifruit, limes, peas, watermelon, raspberries, cranberries, kidney beans, green beans, Brussels sprouts, etc make a healthy diet helping us boost our immunity, fight the skin concerns, uplift digestive tract and impart nutrition that helps build a fit and strong body.

The green of health

Nature is Green! Walking into greenery isn’t just pleasing to the eye but also connects us to Mother Nature which is the source of our life. From the positivity that imbibes with a walk into the grass fields to the fresh air, revival, and calm that nature presents us with, green stands for health. If you are a city dweller or have been tired down with a sedentary lifestyle and busy schedule, the holiday season is a good time to take a break from the regular surroundings and walk into the green. A short holiday with your family or friends can just be the right move to make the festivals truly a celebration of health, life, and love!

Celebrate with a conscious mind!

The holiday season is full of parties, family dinners and visits to the churches, vacations and day-outs. But one doesn’t need to compromise on their health to enjoy the festival. With smart inclusive ideas, you can make your festive dinners and parties a lot healthier. The colors green and red can be added to your regular feast dinner to make it more nutritive and enjoyable. From pomegranate mocktails, green salads, tomato/spinach soups, to pizzas with green olives, sundried tomatoes, bell peppers, etc, red sauce pasta and kiwi slushes the options to indulge into sumptuous and nutritive food can be endless.

While you plan to celebrate the end of this decade with festive vibes, remember that the festive colours are more just decorations and can uplift your health and lifestyle in more ways than you know! Set out on seeking more green and reds to your holidays and have a wonderful year ahead!