How does Lisa Haydon maintain that enviable figure? Yoga and surfing

Lisa Haydon has a fun way of maintaining her svelte figure Photo: Instagram/ Lisa Haydon

Lisa Haydon has a fun way of maintaining her svelte figure

Actress Lisa Haydon is living her best life. The Queen actress who is currently in Malibu keeps her fans updated with the happenings in her life by constantly posting on her official Instagram account.

The 33-year-old, who is quite famous for her svelte figure sure has a fun way of maintaining it. Lisa keeps posting grams of herself while vacationing and learning how to surf during those vacations.

The actress, apart from the extracurricular activities also involves stretching and yoga in her daily workout routine. She recently posted another image of herself nailing quite a difficult stretch.

Lisa captioned the gram, “Namastay In Malibu” as she did her morning stretch in a yellow ganji top and a pair of mini shorts.

She recently also posted another set of images of her surfing on the waves. She captioned the gram, “Wipe outttt … thanks Jon Shrimpton for these sweet pics. Pls come again.” The pictures show the mother-of-one in a wet suit killing it on the waves and having a gala time.

Lisa Haydon’s Instagram is full of pictures of herself doing extracurricular activities and enjoying with her son. What do we need to do to become her friend?