Meeta Vengapally – the lifestyle and fashion influencer you must follow for beauty tips

Meeta Vengapally.

In the words of renowned lawyer, author, and politician Arlen Specter, “There’s nothing more important than our good health – that’s our principal capital asset.” As a good old saying also suggests, ‘Beauty is skin deep.’ The relationship between health and beauty is inevitable and inter-dependent. Lifestyle and fashion influencer, Meeta Vengapally is an advocate of achieving beauty – au naturel. Recognized as the most sponsored person on Instagram in June 2019, Meeta is the go-to person for her over 144k strong Insta-family for fashion and beauty tips.
From preaching her followers to preserve youth and radiance by locking-in moisture to beating the California sun with her tinted sunscreen, a glimpse inside the Insta handle of Meeta Vengapally gives clues that are nothing but invaluable for the beauty conscious womenfolk.
As much as her beauty, Meeta is equally passionate about staying fit. When she gave birth to her two children, her first priority was to get back in shape, and she managed to do it. In less than a year, Meeta has been recognized by Forbes, Entrepreneur, MSN, Thrive Global, Buzzfeed, and the Chicago Tribune for her fashion sense and Instagram inspiration.
Meeta is an influential lifestyle influencer on Instagram. Today, she holds the repute of being the most sponsored model on Instagram, with top beauty brands reaching out to her for a shout-out on her Instagram handle @meetamoment.
What makes her outstanding on a social media platform where IGTV is slammed with beauty vlogs from around the world, are her relatable, succinct, and lively posts. Equally, commendable is the fact that she does not let her social standing define her personality. This is a rarity, given how beauty bloggers around the world are obsessed with having a personal and a business account on the photo-sharing app. She clearly categorizes her beauty posts as ads while teasing her fans with glimpses of her vacation soirees.
Meeta Vengapally is a testament to the grit and resolve of wanting to chase what’s beyond your reach, though the road to success was bumpy. But standing your ground despite the odds is the litmus test, and Meeta aced it.