Must nurture civic sense in kids early: Lifestyle mentor Neeraj Gaba

HYDERABAD: Neeraj Gaba, one of India’s leading fashion and lifestyle mentors, was in the city recently for the Hamley’s Ramp Camp for children. “This is my third season I have tried to ensure that each participating kid undergoes a confidence-building and personality development exercise through fun & learn workshops,” says Neeraj. In the camp, children are taught to walk the ramp and prepare to be selected for Lakme Fashion Week.

bout how children can be made more confident, Neeraj says: “Confidence-building is an ongoing exercise, for there are multiple facets of life and various stages of living including childhood, adolescence, teenage, adulthood, middle age, old age etc., and each requires a certain kind of awareness of self and environment. To be able to evolve this trait through stages and times, childhood becomes the foundation. Children are the most honest source and quickest imbibers of energy exchanges.

Hence, for them to be most confident, it is vital that parents, family, school, friends etc. are neither being overprotective, nor are promising any false beliefs. Hence, without any worldly promises or pressures of success and failure, children should be brought up on virtues like ‘spirit of participation.’

About how children can groom themselves better, the lifestyle mentor says: “From an early age, civic and common sense must be made part of a child’s routine. Kids must be made to understand the importance of personal hygiene. One thing that kids must not be allowed to do, especially girls, is wearing make-up. Psychologically, this makes children believe that they are not worthy in their natural form.” After the workshop, a boy and a girl were selected for LFW walk.