Remembering the importance of an active lifestyle

Athletic man eating protein bar at the gym

Many bakers tend to focus on the health and benefits that their products offer. It may be protein, no-added sugar or free-from artificial anything. But recent research by Mintel may indicate that a greater focus on consumers’ active lifestyles might be just as important.

That’s not to say they should stop touting a food’s wholesome benefits. In fact, 60% of those surveyed said eating healthy is important as compared to 57% for exercising. But as everyone knows, motivation is the key to a healthy lifestyle, and Mintel’s survey shows that exercising (48%) is more worth the effort than eating healthy (31%).

That’s because consumers perceive exercise as more fun/enjoyable, empowering and a source of pride than eating healthy. Moreover, those surveyed indicated that they stay healthy by drinking enough water (54%), exercising regularly (50%) and getting enough sleep (38%).

On the flipside, consumers are less likely to change their diet to stay healthy by avoiding sugar (21%), eating a low-calorie diet (12%) or limiting the amount of meat they eat (12%). Overall, only 7% of consumers surveyed state they observe a strict diet and nearly one-third eat healthy most of the time. Many find that balance is key with 38% saying their diet comprises a mix of better-for-you and not-so-healthy eating, with another 73% agreeing that “indulgences are permissible in a healthy diet,” Mintel noted.

It seems many health-conscious people would rather go the extra mile to make sure they can enjoy that reward at the end of their exercise routine.