Shrutika Subhash Das becomes one of the lifestyle influencer of the country

Shrutika Subhash

Shrutika Subhash

Shrutika Subhash an Indian beauty, fashion and lifestyle influencer who is well renowned for her Fashion and Lifestyle subjects has taken over the Internet with her sensational ideas and content generating immediate individual attention.

Shrutika who is 19 years old is a self made fashionista Blogger has worked with a number of well renowned brands has also been a part of a number of modeling projects. At such a young age Shrutika has proved herself in the blogging world with her amazing insta posts and fan communication skills.

Shrutika’s blogging site is considered to be one of the fastest growing blog, reaching the mass, making her a well renowned name in the blogging world also

her Fashion and Lifestyle and subjects is a treat for the blogger having the same forte.

At the age of 16 Shrutika Subhash was encouraged by her friend who also made her take the leap of faith by giving her a portfolio free of cost. Who knew that would change her world and shower her account with DM’s for collaborations.

Shrutika here after got her break with a renowned brand and there is no looking back since then. Shrutika is a commendable name in the Instagram world booming with her skills and powerful social media techs. Kudos for that Shrutika.. You go girl!