Smoke and Mirrors: Cannabis, Fashion, and How It All Connects to Rihanna

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Google “how to dress like a stoner” and you get the following advice: Holes in your pants make you look more “authentic.” Wear a hat that you can also use as an emergency Fritos bowl. Own some “funny” t-shirts. If you’re a woman, don’t wear makeup or heels because you’re “effortlessly” beautiful.

In short, look like you don’t care—or like you haven’t updated your wardrobe since freshman year of college and are still carving apples stolen from the dining hall. The stereotype of the stoner as an outlier to society is outdated. As cannabis becomes increasingly legalized or decriminalized throughout the United States, cannabis enthusiasts are now viewed as foreseeing pioneers in a lucrative lifestyle and medical industry.

Not surprisingly, the fashion industry—which has publicly supported movements such as marriage equality, climate change, transgender visibility, and AIDS awareness—has recently embraced cannabis on the runway and in fashion magazines, from Alexander Wang’s Fall 2016 collection, featuring the leaves on mohair coats and mini bucket bags, to Rihanna’s latest shoe collaboration with Manolo Blahnik, bedecked in gemstones and named “So Stoned” with a wink (Badgalriri has been incorporating weed into her fashion statements since 2011). In 2017, there are grassheads who would happily shell out $2,325 for a pair of heels—that’s a year of cheap hash they’re giving up for a different type of high.