Your Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits May Put You at Colorectal Cancer Risk

Your Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits May Put You at Colorectal Cancer Risk


It is a known fact that our unhealthy lifestyle choices are leading to the onset of various diseases. Health experts have been constantly highlighting the severe consequences that are brought about by sedentary lifestyles, unhealthy diet, drinking, smoking, lack of physical activities, so on and so forth. According to a new study these habits can also increase risk of colorectal cancer or colon cancer. The results were based on a colon cancer risk assessment survey, which has had more than 27,000 responses from around the world, and it highlighted the modifiable risk factors, such as diet and lifestyle behaviours reported by patients without a personal history of colorectal cancer and polyps.

In the hectic lives we live, maintaining a healthy lifestyle almost always takes a backseat. We look for convenience and very often ignore the discipline of eating and living healthy. In the study, the research team found that less than 10 per cent of all respondents stated they ate five or more servings of fruit, vegetables and grains per day and only about 25 per cent undertook at least 30 minutes of exercise four times per week. These are shockingly poor numbers.


The findings suggest that a healthy lifestyle can help reduce the risk of the disease. “Colon cancer is a preventable disease. These results emphasise the known modifiable factors that can alter the risk,” said Carol Burke, a gastroenterologist at Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, US.

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Burke and colleagues developed the online survey to provide respondents information about their colorectal cancer risk based upon self-reported personal and family history of colorectal cancer and polyps. The survey generates suggestions for each participant

to modify risk factors through screening as well as lifestyle and dietary changes.