Weekend delight: Unwind with Minty Mushroom Croquettes

Weekend delight: Unwind with Minty Mushroom Croquettes

Chatting about the weekend includes delicious snacks. It’s a good way to relax, refresh and rejuvenate. A good treat to taste buds especially at weekend may help you to unwind and reconnect with your body, mind and energy. So, here we are again with a yummy recipe of minty mushroom croquettes. It’s hot and spicy and feels like heaven with every bite.

Serves: 5, Preparation time: 20 minutes, Cooking time: 30 minutes


Potatoes                      4 (large and boiled)

Bread slices                 5 (crumbled to get fresh bread crumbs)

Garam masala             1/2 tsp

Red chilli powder       2/3 tsp

Tamarind powder      1/3 tsp

Salt to taste

For filling:

Mushrooms – 200 grams (finely chopped)

Onion – 1 (large and finely chopped)

Garlic –  3 cloves (paste)

Mint   – ½ cup (finely chopped)

Red pepper powder – ½ tsp

Salt to taste

Butter – 1 tbsp

Oil  for frying


Boil potatoes. mash well while still hot or grate them if they have turned cold.

Add bread crumbs, red chilli powder, tamarind powder and salt to it. Mix well and keep aside.

Heat butter in a pan. Saute garlic for few seconds. Add chopped onion. Cook till soft.

Add finely chopped mushrooms and cook uncovered till they turn dry.

Add mint leaves, salt and red chilli powder. Saute for two-three minutes more.

Divide potato mix in ten equal balls. Flatten each ball to a diameter of three inches. Place two teaspoons full of mushroom mixture in the centre.

Lift the edges and form a roll gently.

Heat oil in a pan for deep frying. Fry till golden brown.

Whether you prefer relaxing in a spa or having a delicious food this weekend, this dish truly offers something special for everyone. It is absolutely divine!